School officials hope Brookport Elementary will reopen on Wednesday


Reporter - Marissa Hollowed

MASSAC COUNTY, Ill. - All but one Massac County school was back in session on Tuesday morning. Brookport Elementary was in the path of the tornado and remained closed, but if damage assessment and repairs can be made soon, the school could reopen very soon.

A white oak treelies over Brookport Elementary School's playground. Soffit barely hanging on to the school with debris coming through the roof.

"The material things you can fix eventually, but life is precious and these kids are," Brookport Elementary Principal Debbie Christiansen said.

The doors stayed closed today for cleanup. Architect teams and the crew that constructed the building made a check of the facilities to make sure it was structurally sound. It passed their inspection.

Bleachers that are normally filed with fans are instead full of donations, diapers, and other goods. The school gym immediately became a triage center after the storm. The people are still waiting for the gym to be used as a gym once again. That day may come as soon as Wednesday.

The rest of Massac County schools got back into their routine. A psychologist and counselor will be on site to talk to students coping with the tornado's aftermath.

Massac County Junior High Principal Andre Meadows also spoke with students. "We do have one of our classmates injured, so I want to give them accurate information," he said.

The school is asking for anyone who needs supplies, food, and clothes to drop by and pick them up. Staff are hoping to have the gym clear before the school reopens.