Some Illinoisans calling for GMO labeling


Reporter - Kathryn DiGisi

CARBONDALE, Ill. - An Illinois senate bill would require all groceries to be clearly labeled if they contain any genetically engineered ingredients.

Supporters of the bill say that Illinoisans deserve to know exactly what kind of lab-modified products they are buying.

The aisles of our grocery stores are littered with labels that we may not even understand.

People at Wednesday's debate say that is part of the problem.

"I'm a farmer but I'm also a consumer, and I think I'll probably be a consumer a little longer than I'll be a farmer," said bill supporter Wendel Lutz.

He says the lack of transparency on labels is deceiving.

While he does not farm GMO-free himself, he feels full disclosure on labels should be required.

"People have the right to know, to want to know, and they should know," said Lutz.

Makayla Bonney say it is the next generation of consumers that she worries about.

"I hope to be a mother someday and we don't know how these genetically modified organisms are affecting us, there hasn't been-long term research," said Bonney.

Members of the grain and feed industry oppose the labeling.

"We are the link between and farmers and the processors," said Jeff Adkisson.

Jeff Adkisson says changing the labels will cost lots of money.

He also feels this is not a debate to be had on the state level. J

"If a program is to be put into place, there needs to be national standards," said Adkisson.

He says this debate needs to be shelved until labels are regulated nationwide.

The Genetically Engineered Food Labeling Act is still in the beginning stages.

It has been assigned a subcommittee and would have to then work its way through the house, senate and governor's office before becoming law.