Son on emergency leave from boot camp to look for missing mom


Kendall Downing

HARDIN COUNTY, Ill. - Nine days and no answers. Family members of 39-year-old Chrisandra Williams are searching portions of Hardin County, Illinois by foot.

Williams disappeared last week after leaving a friend's house in Rosiclare.

Her 19-year-old son is on emergency leave from U.S. Marine Corps training in California and home helping to find his mom.

Dustin Williams didn't plan to be there, but the reason is posted around Rosiclare, Illinois. His mom Chrissy is gone without a clue left behind.

"She wouldn't disappear like this. This isn't her. She's never ran from anything in her life," said Williams.

Williams first found out by phone call from his dad, at Marine Corps boot camp in California.

"My series commander grabbed his phone, handed it to me. My father was on the line, and from there my father explained to me that my mother had been missing for five days, and that they had no idea how she disappeared," said Williams.

The Hardin County Sheriff's Office said there are no real leads in the case and no sign of Chrissy Williams's red Ford Escape.

ISP is investigating the disappearance.

Wednesday a boat from Livingston County, Kentucky combed the cold waters of the Ohio River, while family members and strangers trod up icy hills and back roads.

"The hardest part is, I have no doubt in the back of my mind that someone knows something they're not telling me," said Williams.

Williams is set to graduate from boot camp on January 10th.

He said his mom was supposed to be there, but now the tables are turned. He's looking for her instead.

"I just want my mother found," he said.

We've included a link to the family's Facebook page, "Hope for Chrissy," here.

The family is asking for volunteers in their search. You can contact them through their page.

They ask anyone with information on the whereabouts of Chrisandra Williams to call Illinois State Police or the Hardin County Sheriff's Office.