Spaghetti dinner fundraiser for a local church


Reporter: Mychaela Bruner
Photographer: Michael Bradford

METROPOLIS, Ill.—Not long ago, a local church caught fire and burned to the ground the day before Mother's Day. Then just 13 months later, Weaver Creek Baptist Church members started to rebuild and high winds leveled the frame of the new church.

Members do plan to rebuild again and pray the third time will be a charm. A spaghetti dinner fundraiser was held today to help the church rebuild.

Scott Darnell and Jeff Trovillion are not blood brothers. They are Masonic brothers and as a Mason they have one thing in common.

Trovillion said, "We just try to help out, you go through a lot of things in life and then you realize you get a blessing from when you help somebody else. It's just a feeling you can't really describe."

A blessing is just what Weaver Creek Baptist Church needed today at the fund-raising spaghetti dinner.

Darnell said, "It'd just be wonderful to get a church back up. They've had some misfortune and to get them back up on their feet and spread the good word."

Members from nearby churches filled the lodge to help give to the church in need and Youth Minister Matthew Ballard said he is so grateful.

Ballard said, "To have a new building that both churches can come together under one roof would be just a tremendous blessing. Something we know that will last for our children."

Trovillion said he considers it a blessing to be able to help the church rebuild.

"You get down on your community every now and then. But, when you see one of these things and the people that show up for it, and care for it. It's so heart warming. It's an emotional thing. It's great to be apart of it and see it happen," said Trovillion.

Church members came together under one roof today to say a prayer for the future.

Weaver Creek Baptist Church hopes to reopen within a year.