Special prosecutor appointed in Molly Young death investigation


Web Editor - Mason Stevenson

JACKSON COUNTY, Ill. - A special prosecutor has been assigned in the investigation surrounding Molly Young's death.

Young was found dead in a Carbondale, Illinois apartment with a gunshot wound to the head back in March of 2012.

Her on-again, off-again boyfriend, and Carbondale Police dispatcher, was in the apartment with her.  His presence fueled speculation that he was to blame, but in August 2013, Jackson County State's Attorney Mike Carr issued a public statement saying evidence pointing towards suicide cannot be ignored.  As a result, he decided not to push forward with a trial.

On Monday, Carr issued a news release saying that he still believes that his decision was the right one.  However, "because the matter is still a pending case," Carr said, "I will not make additional comments about the status of this case which has now been assigned to a special prosecutor."

Carr made the motion in Circuit Court.  In his filing, the state's attorney said the reason for the motion concerned Molly Young's father and his allegation that Carr is somehow involved in a law enforcement cover-up concerning his daughter's death.

The state's attorney says the special prosecutor will help "avoid even the appearance that my decisions have been made unfairly or improperly."

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