Spring snow gets chilly reception in local area


Reporter - Kendall Downing

WILLIAMSON COUNTY, Ill. - The calendar says we're six days into spring, but it's hard to believe after taking a few steps outside.

The spring snow is getting a chilly reception in the local area, especially at garden centers.

"We live and die by the weather," said Trent Mohlenbrock with Changing Seasons in Marion.

For Mohlenbrock, it's a frosty start to what's typically a warm season.

"We're scratching our heads. We've seen this in the past, but we haven't seen it for a while," he said.

The parking lot is empty. Carts commonly stuffed with annuals and perennials are filled with snow. Shelves are bare, too.

Mohlenbrock said they've held off on getting plants in because the weather is touch and go. The ones they do have stay covered, like roses.

"What we have in stock now are things that could handle this," he said.

Just down the street at Rural King, a clever eye can spy snow shovels still hanging.

"We've got a few left but not many," said Jeff Knowles.

Department manager Jeff Knowles said they don't typically keep shovels out this long, but they aren't the ones calling the shots. Mother Nature is.

"Nothing surprises you around here anymore," said Knowles.

So instead of fixing flowers, Trent Mohlenbrock is stocking shelves inside, hoping for his sake, the seasons start changing soon.

"As far as income coming in, it's all kind of stopped right now," said Mohlenbrock, "We have a truck coming in Thursday."

Mohlenbrock believes the cool snap won't hurt the bottom line in the end.

If you're wondering when the last frost could be in our region, most gardeners say you are in the clear after April 15th.