Students and teachers adjust after multiple snow days


Multimedia Journalist - Kathryn DiGisi

WEST FRANKFORT, Ill. - Many schools in our area had nearly a full week off school because of all the snow and ice we have had and getting back into the swing of things can be tough on our kids and our teachers.

Kayti Chance's class had a journal assignment to recount their frosty days spent at home.

"My Snow Days," Chance read aloud from her journal, "I slept in most of the time."

Now that they are back, it is time to make up for lost time.

Fourth grade teacher at Franklin Intermediate in West Frankfort, Jena Yadro says after snow days, teachers have to be flexible.

The name of the game is to re-teach and review.

Her class should be doing long division by now.

"But before they can divide, they have to multiply and we've been doing multiplication since October," said Yadro.

Since then, her district has used more than the allotted amount of snow days and that means a longer school year.

Chance enjoyed her downtime.

"I went to my mom's work. We ate pizza and cookies," she said as she continued reading her journal entry.

Yadro has noticed that all that relaxing made for some restless students.

"They're at home and they're being lazy and they're playing in the snow and they're playing their games," said Yadro.

Chance said the snow days were fun while they lasted, but she was ready to come back to school to see her friends and her teacher.

Teachers encourage parents to make flash cards and do lesson reviews with their children at home during a snow day to make the transition back to the classroom easier on them.