Timothy Krajcir apologizes, says he's "changed man"


Reporter - Lauren Adams
Photojournalist- Chad Darnall

MCCRACKEN COUNTY, Ky. — Walking into the county courthouse, Timothy Krajcir looked the same.  Shaved head, handlebar mustache, and thick black eyeglasses.

But, as it turns out, something had changed.  He told our Local 6 crew he was remorseful for the crimes he had committed.

Krajcir, 67, has been linked to at least 9 murders.  He had confessed to several murders back in 2007.  To avoid the death penalty, he offered up details to prosecutors about all of his crimes.

Wednesday's sexual assault was one of them.  Inside Circuit Court, he took full responsibility for what he had done back in January 1978.

He had earlier admitted to knocking on the door, pretending to be a delivery man and assaulting a mother. Her 21-year-old son, Mark Gregory was there at the time and again Wednesday.

He told the court, "I'd like to know the day he took his last breaths so I can make a toast."

Yet in response to those harsh words, Krajcir commended the son for the difficult decision of not intervening.

"I think you were courageous, you wanted to help your mother," he began.

But with a gun to his head, Mark Gregory had not.  Krajcir told him Wednesday it was the reason he and his mother had survived, "If you would have rushed at me or tried to do something, I'd probably shot you and I would have had to shoot your mother also."

He ended by saying, "I'm terribly sorry I put you thru such a horrible night.  I mean that."

But the 65 year sentence, the apology had come to late for Mark's mother.  Barbara Gregory died in 1995 still waiting for justice. 

Krajcir's lawyer said Wednesday she believed her client's apology was sincere, citing the fact he had come forward with information, wanting to bring closure to his victims and their families.

But Judge Craig Clymer, who was a police officer at the time and remembers investigating this crime, did not budge.  He gave Krajcir the highest sentence possible- 65 years- on burglary, robbery, kidnapping, and sexual assault charges.

That sentence will run consecutively to his 15 life sentences.  He is currently housed in a prison in Pontiac, Illinois.