Volunteers help church rebuild


Reporter - Lauren Adams
Photojournalist - Michael Bradford

MASSAC COUNTY, Ill. - Friday marked the second day Weaver Creek Baptist Church was a construction zone. The sounds of drills and hammers were sweet music to church member David Goines.

"It's better than a gospel hymn on Sunday," he admitted.

Goines was watching his church be rebuilt after a year of struggles. In May 2012, fire destroyed the sanctuary. Then this past June, as members were beginning to rebuild, high winds leveled the frame that had recently been erected.

Volunteers from other Illinois towns and as far away as North Carolina made the trip to help.

"When I heard about this I thought this is a good thing, let's go do it," Bobby Shelton said of making the trip from North Carolina.

There were 20 others. No experts, according to Shelton, "We got nurses, a trout farmer, mechanics.  That's what makes the crew" just Christians that wanted to help.

"It's really humbling. It's nice, it's really nice," Goines said.

Volunteers not only put up the framework for Weaver Creek, they managed to paint a house and build a deck for families in need in just two days.

Weaver Creek Baptist Church hopes to reopen within a year.