Water department manager fired, investigation under way


Kendall Downing

MARION, Ill. - A city employee in charge of managing your money is out of a job. Marion Mayor Bob Butler confirms the city recently fired Water Department Manager Linda Heyde for cause.

Right now police are investigating the water department's finances, but the mayor said it's too early to say whether any theft happened.

City officials are remaining tight-lipped about the firing of the long-time water department manager, but they are saying it had to do with some money.

"It would not be responsible to make a guess as to how much money might be involved," said Marion Mayor Bob Butler.

Butler said last week city leaders learned about some suspicious transactions that sparked concern.

"We felt it necessary to discharge the manager of the water department," said Butler.

Butler said the manager in question is Linda Heyde. She's run the city's water department for more than ten years and been an employee for more than thirty.

"Things like this of course are always unfortunate. Some of my biggest disappointments while I've been mayor have been in people, people who you trust, who you respect, and find that they have done something they shouldn't have done," said Butler.

The Marion Police Chief confirmed his department got involved with the matter at the city's request. But no charges have been filed.

We went to the home listed as Heyde's address to see if she wanted to comment. Nobody answered the door.

The mayor said the city treasurer is going over the financial records of the water department and working with Marion Police.

Butler said there is no timeline for the internal investigation to be completed.