Girls speak about trying to save their friend


Jason Hibbs

MARSHALL COUNTY, KY - It may be hard to imagine, but sometimes a person can be playing volleyball, and in the next instant you might be trying to save someone's life.

That's what happened to three girls when their friend, Courtney Koehler, collapsed during practice on Tuesday. Her three friends sprung into action trying to bring her back to life. Despite their urgent attempts to revive her, the high school sophomore died.

"We turned her over, she was blue in the face," said teammate Raya Gross. "We checked her signs and started CPR and everything we could do."

Raya, along with friends Jordan Reynolds and Maury Greer were there when Courtney collapsed while jogging during volleyball practice. In a time of crisis, they knew what to do.

"Seeing her like that, it was hard to see," said Reynolds.

Still, those feelings didn't stop the girls from using their teamwork usually reserved for the volleyball court to try and save Courtney's life. The CPR skills the girls displayed were taught to them by people like Sandy David and other teachers at Marshall County High School.

Those three girls knew exactly what to do and they did the best they could," Davis told Local 6. "The majority of people you do CPR on do not come back. The majority do not. But they did the best they could."

"We cried together. We cried with the parents," Jordan Reynolds said. "The whole situation was just scary because you never know how these things are going to turn out."

Raya, Jordan and Maury say they hope they never have to do CPR again, but they will always step in if they have to.


The Marshall County Coroner says initial autopsy results reveal that Courtney Koehler appears to have died from natural causes.

Funeral arrangements for Koehler have been finalized. Visitation will take place Friday at 2 PM at Collier Funeral Home in Benton.


Funeral Services will be held Saturday at 10 AM at Marshall County High School's Performing Arts Center.