Local cemetery a site of satanic ceremony?


Lauren Adams

 BENTON, Ky. -   David McClure was on a lunch break from work last week when he made a gruesome discovery.

"I thought, 'What am I looking at?'" he remembered of what appeared to be a circle with a dark pile at the corner of Waid Cemetery.

McClure got up to get a closer look and was horrified. He saw a five-pointed star surrounded by a circle that had been burned into the ground.  In the middle was a goat's head, also burned.

"It just sent chills up my spine," he remembered.

McClure notified the Sheriff's Department and then did some research.  He found that a small cross outside the circle symbolized the powers of Satan being bigger than God.  The circle and a pentagram was used to summon spirits.  The goat's head, he learned, was a direct symbol of Satan.

McClure made the discovery on a Friday.  The night before had been a full moon, a sort of holiday in Satanic culture, according to his research.

Investigators cleaned up the scene, calling it "sickening."

"When you see something like that, it always makes you wonder why would someone do that? At least have respect for your fellow man," Sheriff Kevin Byars said today.

Relatives of those buried in the cemetery are understandably horrified.  Rhonda LaPradd buried her father there in April, "It's still so hard, still so new."

She found herself unable to look at the pictures of what had been done just feet from her father's grave.

"For them to come out here and degrade it is beyond me. My father would be beside himself," she said.

Sheriff's Deputies in Marshall County said they are stepping up patrols at Waid Cemetery and other area cemeteries.

Anyone with information about this case is asked to call the Sheriff's Department at (270) 527-3112.