A local humane society prepares for winter weather


Reporter: Mychaela Bruner
Photographer: Chad Darnall

MARSHALL COUNTY, Ky—As you prepare to keep your family warm and your home protected against the bitter cold temperatures, do not forget about the other important members of your family... Your pets!

The Marshall County Humane Society is going above and beyond to try to make animals comfortable this weekend.  Each pup has a Kurando dog bed, which is raised up off the floor so they are not sleeping on the cold concrete.

Workers are preparing for the frigid weather and making sure the animals have enough water and food.  They plan to keep all of the animals inside for the weekend.  Manager Laken Edwards said it is also important to make sure your animals at home have adequate shelter.

"Just making sure that they have a dog house, a warm place to sleep, if they have a garage that would be a perfect area, especially during the cold weather, if they don't have a sufficient amount of warmth, they'll run," said Edwards.

Edwards said old blankets provide great warmth for animals.  Also, if you absolutely have to keep your animal outside, straw will help to keep them warm.