AQS president to be inducted into Quilters Hall Of Fame


Reporter - Robert Bradfield

PADUCAH - Of the thousands of people who walk the floor at Paducah's annual Quilt Show, there really is only one standout.

"You have to have something when you retire," said Meredith Schroeder.

Schroeder co-founded the American Quilter's Society with her husband in 1984.  Since then, the crowds and quilts have grown by leaps and bounds.

"The first year we had like 5,00 and so it has now grown considerably," Schroeder said.

Schroeder, who admits she's not a quilter, is credited with putting Paducah and quilting on the map.  She said she created AQS so those serious quilters could be recognized for their hard and delicate work.

"We got involved with going to different shows and we saw a lot of beautiful quilts and we felt like it was a wonderful art form," she said.

That art form is paying off for Schroeder.  In July she will be inducted into the Quilters Hall of Fame.  She said it's an honor she wasn't expecting.

"Mainly because I am not a quilter.  I'm not an artist like these people are artists so I did not expect that at all," she said.

As for the future of the quilt show, she said the sky is the limit because the quilters prove that every year.

"I've enjoyed it all and I still enjoy it," Schroeder said.