"Active shooter" drill at community college turns into real situation


Web Editor - Mason Stevenson

HOPKINSVILLE, Ky. - A drilled planned at an area community college turned into a real situation Wednesday.

It happened at Hopkinsville Community College.

The Hopkinsville Police Department, Christian County Sheriff's Department, Hopkinsville Fire Department and Kentucky State Police started the "active shooter" drill at 9 a.m.  During the drill, authorities searched the campus for a "gunman" shooting students.  The drill also included "injured" and "dead" actors.

The "shooter" then left campus and headed for Jennie Stuart Medical Center.  The drill moved to the hospital.

30 minutes later, officers received a real call from someone threatening to shoot someone at Hopkinsville Community College.  Authorities ended the drill and sped back to the campus.

After searching the campus, officers told Local 6 they didn't find anything. 

However, investigators identified a person of interest in the case.  The person is not under arrest, but the individual is undergoing questioning.  Arrests are possible.