After bridge collapse, fire, Aurora business owner determined to turn new page


Reporter - Robert Bradfield
Photojournalist - David Dycus

AURORA, Ky. - Rita McKnight and her husband, Gary, are getting back to work. 

"I had no idea how much work I was looking into," Gary said.

A fire sidelined them for eight months.  McKnight said the repairs seemed endless.  "I've been doing nothing but writing checks, you know, for months with nothing coming back.  So, I was so tickled to get back to work."

And Friday, that happened.  McKnight said it was slow, but that was expected.  He said any business now is a turnaround.

"It was just not normal. We hadn't had a normal year and it kind of kicked us around," he said.

Aurora BBQ isn't the only business back on its feet.  The new owners of Aurora One Stop say they took a chance by taking over the convenience store that closed shortly after the bridge collapse.

"The traffic is kind of flowing in, so we're just waiting for all the visitors and Memorial Day weekend," said Jenn Patel.

A Dollar General also opened up across the street last week.  McKnight said the town is trying to make a come back.

"I think we hit rock bottom and as they say, you either move sideways or up, one way or the other," Gary said.