Agency looks to place USEC workers


Reporter - Lauren Adams
Photojournalist - Barry Stevenson

PADUCAH, Ky. - USEC first announced layoffs on May 24. The plant will begin to reduce its workforce in phases in coming months.

The first round of layoff is expected in August and already one local agency is working to keep those employees in the workforce and out of the unemployment office.

On Tuesday, the Purchase Area Development District, made available a workforce survey to some 1,100 workers.

The survey is available online and estimated to take under 10 minutes.

Workers are asked to fill out a variety of questions including work history, location flexibility, and talents and skills.

Jeff Darnell who was laid off from General Tire back in 2004 took a similar study and remembers it helping.

"Just because you know what you like to do doesn't mean you know what you need to get there," he said.

Darnell, with the help of the PADD office, went on to earn an associate's degree and now owns his own business.

Workers at USEC will have 10 days to fill out the survey. Information will then be tabulated and sent to various employers and county officials, who need such information to recruit businesses.