Ballard County church members seek shelter, damages reported


Reporter: Mychaela Bruner
Photographer: Michael Bradford

BALLARD COUNTY, Ky —Ballard County Emergency Management Director Travis Holder said he got word of the severe weather from our Local 6 Weather Authority team earlier this week and started preparing then.

It is a good thing the county started preparing early because the storm came through Ballard County quickly and unexpectedly.  Oscar Baptist Church in La Center, Kentucky is just one of the churches in the county that are storm ready.

There were a handful of people gathered in the basement of the church seeking shelter when our Local 6 crews arrived.  The weather picked up quickly with heavy rainfall, strong winds and about marble-sized hail.

The winds were so strong an American flag pole in the cemetery outside of the church was bending almost in half.  After the weather calmed down, our crew met up with Ballard County's Emergency Management team.

In the area, there was significant damage to barns, signs knocked down, trees down on roads and some roads were flooded.  One road in particular that was flooded was Goosehaven Road, located about a mile away from Oscar Baptist church.
Holder said you always have to expect the unexpected when dealing with mother nature.

"It doesn't matter how prepared you are there will be things that we encounter that we are not 100% prepared for, but overall we are prepared for whatever event nature may bring," said Holder.

Thankfully everyone is safe and we have not had an reports of injuries in that area.  Holder told me in the case of more severe weather, other local churches in Ballard County are opening their doors and welcoming anyone and everyone to seek shelter if necessary.  Kevil Methodist Church, St. Mary's Catholic Church, The Bandana Storm Shelter, Faith Baptist in Wickliffe, Oscar Methodist and Oscar Baptist are opening their doors to the public in the case of more severe weather.