Belt beatings send children to hospital


Reporter - Lauren Adams
Photojournalist - David Dycus





SALEM, KY- Investigators say a brother and sister were beaten so often and so hard when a family member discovered the bruising, she rushed them to the hospital.

The children's mother, Doris Ivy, 36, went out of town and dropped the kids off at her mother's house. When it came time for baths, the grandmother noticed the deep purple bruising on their behinds and across their thighs.

Deputy Kenny Vincent arrived at the hospital and admitted the injuries were tough to look at, "I had to step out of the room and collect myself."

The interviews that followed, he recalled, were even worse. The children told the same terrifying tale of abuse at the hands of their mother's boyfriend, Jonathan McCoy. The little girl, 7, and her brother, 5, each told Deputy Vincent that McCoy whipped them quote 'very hard every day with a belt".

On Tuesday, McCoy, 34, and Doris Ivy pleaded not guilty to child abuse.

But earlier, Vincent says, McCoy had admitted to occasionally hitting the kids for not listening. While the children did not implicate their mother, Vincent says she is just as guilty.

"She didn't take care of her kids and protect them a way a mother should."

For now, children are staying with an uncle. Child and Family Services is involved.

There was a third arrest made in this case. Sheriff's deputies charged Joseph McCoy for helping his brother, Jonathan avoid officers for several hours.