Bevin blasts McConnell for 'negative campaigning'


Web Editor - Nick Miller

WASHINGTON - Businessman Matt Bevin is making some strong comments about his primary opponent, Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell.

In an interview with CNN's Wolf Blitzer, Bevin didn't offer specific examples when asked to defend his claims about "thuggery" from McConnell's campaign, but he did say he expects that campaign to stoop to new lows.

"I think when we're done, he will stoop to lows the likes of which will make Aqua Buddah look like a warm up act," said Bevin.

He also referred to McConnell as the "weakest U.S. senator," and said that he "resorts to thuggery". When pressed for reasons why, Bevin once again did not offer an specifics, but did say that McConnell's campaign has been negative and made "lies" about him in advertisements.

Bevin has also launched new anti-McConnell radio ads.

A McConnell campaign spokeswoman blasted Bevin for what she called "lame attacks" just a day after he denounced negative campaigning.