Business owners ready for influx of campers


Reporter - Jason Hibbs
Photojournalist - David Dycus

LIVINGSTON COUNTY, Ky. - The Land Between The Lakes will reopen at noon Friday.

Local 6 revisited an area where business owners say they felt the pain of the 17-day shutdown and it was even worse than they expected.

In less than a day, L.B.L. will reopen to the public. For local people who bank on this place for their business, that can't come soon enough.

"We make excellent fudge here," Marilyn Fowler said.

Inside this small shop near the L.B.L. entrance stands Marilyn Fowler.

"It's delicious and that's why we give samples. You don't have to take my word for it," Fowler said.

She spends much of her day surrounded by sweet treats and smiling faces.

"We like people," Fowler said.

But what Fowler said she didn't like was the last 16 days or the people who she says shutdown the government and nearly did the same thing to this shop.

"They're been hardly no customers, hardly any at all," Fowler said.

It was worse than she expected and lasted longer than she ever imagined.

"It should've never happened it really shouldn't had," Fowler said.

Traffic just outside the store is slowly picking up Fowler hopes her business does too.

We also reached out to the owner of 'Ken's T.B.C. Bait Shop' in Grand Rivers. He said his business was down about ten percent from this time last year.