Car Thieves Take Rifle


Multi Meia Journalist - Julie Collins

 GRAVES COUNTY, KY - A string of burglaries shakes up typically quiet streets in Graves County, Kentucky.     

Sheriff Dewayne Redmon says the towns of Cuba and Fancy Farm have been the biggest targets for car thefts. Since Oct 5th, 43 cars have been entered and various items stolen. 18 of those 43 happened on Saturday night.

"They are taking anything from  GPS systems, radar detectors, wallets, CD's, even a rifle," says Sheriff Redmon.

A 270 caliber Remington rifle was stolen from Kenny Glover's back seat.

"I park my car 8 feet from my front door, it's under motion sensor lights, these thieves are bold," says Glover. "that rile was a gift from my parents, I can't get that sentimental value back," he adds.

The burglaries are occurring between the hours of midnight and 4am. Police encourage all residents to take valuables out of your cars and lock your doors.

If you have any information regarding the thefts, you are asked to call the Graves County Sheriff's Department. There is a $1,000 reward for any information that leads to an arrest or conviction.