City of Paducah needs more money to complete riverfront bump-out


Web Editor - Ryan Burkett

PADUCAH, Ky. - The City of Paducah might need more money to complete its multi-million dollar Riverfront Redevelopment Project.

The City Commission rejected a change order Tuesday night for an additional $800,000 to pay for 80,000 tons of concrete. The additional stone is needed to bring the bump-out near Schultz Park to specifications.

The City's contract with MAC Construction and Excavating called for more than 316,000 tons of stone for the bump-out. That amount has already been used.

City Commissioners also asked MAC to release barges from the project. The City made the request to avoid a $6,000 per day charge to reserve the barges for work on the project.

While the decision does not scrap the project entirely, the City says it allows for more time to decide how the rest of the bump-out project should be filled.

During the same meeting, the City Commission approved an ordinance to allow for MAC to use 1,460 tons of concrete slab from the former Executive Inn.

The City says the use of the slab from the site will not increase or decrease its $4.49 million contract with MAC. Officials add that using the slab for will prepare the former Executive Inn site for future use, since the slab would have to be removed to make way for new development.

Once the fill is in place at the riverfront, it will need at least nine months to settle before the project's next phase can begin. That phase, which involves the installation of 12 steel pilings, is mostly funded by a $2.97 million Neighborhood Initiative Project Grant.