Clinic could go up for sale, patients worried


Reporter - Jason Hibbs
Photojournalist - Chad Darnall

CALVERT CITY, Ky. - A health department decides to sell its building, and a doctor involved fears he'll have to find another place to practice.

The Marshall County Hospital, health department and fiscal court bought the building 13 years ago.

The health department planned on using half the building, and the hospital rented the rest of the space to a private practitioner, Doctor Charles Waller.

In 2011, the health department moved out because of a lack of patients.

Doctor Waller thought he was 'OK' to stay there, but now employees and patients are learning the doctor may have to set up shop somewhere else.

They say they found out from the local newspaper.

Judge Executive Mike Miller spoke on behalf of the fiscal court.  He says fiscally speaking, the building needs to go.

The health department wants to sell.

The board of health and fiscal court say the other owner, the Marshall County Hospital, has also indicated they want to sell.

Patients and employees are worried.

When you're 87, things don't come as easily.

"This is a very convenient place for us, we can come right in and come right out," Mary Lockhart said.

Waiting to see a doctor can be daunting.

"So many places you go you sit so long, and that's hard on old people," Lockhart said.

She said Calvert Clinic is different.

She worries it could be closing, her doctor and nurses, forced to leave and the building put up for sale.

Board of health member Doctor Terri Telle said she's not trying to break patient's hearts, but save taxpayer dollars.

"If we're not utilizing it for it's original purpose we shouldn't be there," Telle said.

Staff members at the Calvert Clinic say they see up to 125 patients per week, they're not sure what would happen if the building was sold.

Lockhart said she doesn't know what she would do, or where she would go.

"I surely hate to give it up," Lockhart said.

Judge Mike Miller said he's talking to the Calvert City mayor and said the people there do not need to worry the building will be sold out from under them.

The judge is concerned about not having a doctor in Calvert City, especially for senior citizens, like Lockhart.

The doctor was not available for comment.

To sell the building, all three parties would have to agree on an asking price.

Judge Miller said realistically, it would take months to sell the property.