County leaders under fire for alleged illegal payment


Reporter- Briana Conner
Reporter- Robert Bradfield

MCCRACKEN COUNTY, Ky.— McCracken County Commissioner Ronnie Freeman filed a complaint Saturday alleging The McCracken County Fiscal Court illegally wrote a check to former county employee Paul Carter.

Commissioner Freeman sent the formal complaint letter to McCracken County Sheriff Jon Hayden. In it, he says County Treasurer Angie Brown wrote a check, signed by McCracken County Judge Executive Nan Newberry, to Paul Carter in the amount of $31,758.73 back on December 18th. Freeman said the fiscal court never voted to award Carter that amount and the taxpayer dollars were spent wrongfully. "The proper procedure is, those checks should have went through the McCracken County Fiscal Court, in which they certainly did not. I think those type of actions are unacceptable, and I do not intend to tolerate that," said Freeman.

Judge Newberry said the fiscal court did vote unanimously to pay the bill during their December 16th meeting. "I disagree absolutely with the notion that taxpayer dollars were spent wrongfully. We have documented hours for Mr. Carter, and the money was owed to him. There's no question of that," Newberry said.

Sheriff Hayden plans to forward the complaint to The Kentucky Attorney General's Office for review and/or investigation. Paul Carter and Angie Brown could not be reached for comment.