Dunn appears during open forum


Reporter - Briana Conner
Photojournalist - Randall Barnes
Web Editor - Mason Stevenson

MURRAY, Ky. - Sharing his side of the story. Ousted Murray State University President,  Doctor Randy Dunn, is finally speaking out.

"All I ask for is honesty and communication. If it's the case that people don't like me, or the regents just don't like the working relationship, say so."

Doctor Dunn spoke those words at an open forum Tuesday afternoon co-sponsored by the MSU Faculty Senate and Staff Congress.  It comes in response to last week's meeting where Board of Regents Chair Doctor Constantine Curris got to explain his perspective on the events that led up to the board's highly criticized decision not to renew Dunn's contract.

Dunn has been relatively silent up until now, but decided to open up during the forum.

The tone of the meeting gives the impression that he wanted a chance to speak in his own defense following last week's meeting when Dr. Curris took the opportunity to do the same thing.

During the forum, Doctor Dunn spent a majority of the time defending his record against the findings of the Board of Regents ad hoc committee performance review, which is now public record.

Dunn used a slide show presentation to address three main points of contention: MSU's academic standing, enrollment, and board/president relations under his tenure. He says the metrics used to evaluate his performance in those three categories were cherry picked and didn't provide a wholistic view.

When it comes to his relationship with Doctor Curris, Dunn says he offered to bring in mediation twice to help them see eye-to-eye, and Curris turned him down both times. But, Dunn maintains that MSU, in almost every other way, has become a healthier university under his presidency.
He also spoke to the amount of support he has received in the wake of the boards decision, and emphasized that the meetings, investigations, and the resolutions are not something he went after in an attempt to save his job.

"No. Not one time and not with one person. These emails, letters, posts have come because people are supportive of the university. They've watched what's happened. They've seen the progress that's been made. They have a love for the place, and they've spoken from the heart."

Doctor Dunn did thank everyone who has taken the time to write those letters and Facebook posts.

Though he expressed a lot of uncertainty and doubt about whether they would do any good in the long run.

Doctor Dunn also express an interest in staying with MSU if there were to be a more favorable revote. He said he is willing to keep trying to work with this board if he were to retain his position, but again, he says things very likely will not change.  So he focused Tuesday on clearing up what probably will be his legacy at MSU.