Earlier retail hours removes chaos from Black Friday


Reporter - Marissa Hollowed
Photographer - Jason Thomason

Pack snacks, set the alarm, bundle up, and fight the crowds. It's the day savvy shoppers search for the best dealers and discounts; Black Friday.

This year's Black Friday played a supporting role to Brown Thursday, serving as the calm after the big storm of holiday shopping.

Black Friday tends to conjure up images of midnight madness and duels over discounts. Last year, Best Buy in Paducah was crammed with crowds. The scene this year in the early morning hours is pretty calm with many empty aisles.

Assistant Manager Mark Yeager told us the reason for the quiet is the earlier opening. The line outside of Best Buy on Thanksgiving was much larger.

However, some shoppers stuck with tradition and came out before the sun did. Many customers did not miss the chaos.

"They had one intoxicated person earlier that had to be removed. Guess he was in the holiday spirit too much, but other than that, no issues," Paducah Police Captain Mark Roberts said.

And the lull in business gave employees a chance to refresh. Peaceful pickings at a time that is usually saturated with stress.

Best Buy is open until 10 p.m. tonight. The assistant manager joked that employees have been running down the energy drink supply.