FEMA officials in Brookport today, property damage numbers compiled


Web Editor - Amanda Roberts
Reporter - Marissa Hollowed


Official property damage assessment numbers have been compiled for Massac County and Brookport.

56 properties are habitable without repairs

74 properties are habitable with few repairs

27 properties are uninhabitable or need extensive repairs

76 properties are considered a total loss or not feasible to repair.

49 properties were in Massac County and 184 properties were in the City of Brookport.

Original Story:

BROOKPORT, Ill - FEMA will be on the ground today, completing their official assessment of the damaged Brookport area.

Don Jacks, FEMA's external affairs officer, says FEMA officials will be meeting with local and state leaders today at 11 a.m. at the New Liberty Church in Unionville. 

After this meeting, all parties involved will split up in order to assess the damage across the Brookport area, talking to survivors, figuring out what is insured and what is not insured. Additionally, they will assess the areas where the damage is most concentrated. 

After this assessment, the state of Illinois could submit tornado damage collectively across the state for a Federal Disaster Declaration.

In the wake of the storm, many are still missing their pets. A facebook page, has been created for those who have found or are still missing their pets. 

Project Hope, in Metropolis, has teamed up with the Massac county Animal Control Center and the city of Metropolis in an effort to feed and shelter those animals displaced in the storm. Pets are available to be fostered by those willing until they are able to be returned to their owners.

The St. Francis Community Animal Rescue in Murphysboro is in need of donations. Specifically dong and cat food, cleaning supplies, bleach, paper towels and trash bags. 

In terms of benefactors, the CEO of Ameren, Richard Mark announced that they will be pledging $50 thousand to the American Red Cross Illinois Tornado Relief Fund.