Farm bill reaches far beyond the farm


Reporter - Jason Hibbs
Photojournalist - David Dycus

PADUCAH, Ky.---The Farm Bill also affects also food stamps, industrial hemp production, and subsidies paid to crop farmers

It might surprise you; one of the more controversial parts of the bill involves the meat you buy at the grocery each week.

Under the farm bill, you'll continue to see country of origin labeling on many fresh products, despite opposition from large meat packing companies.

The Country of Origin Labeling were subtle change for shoppers,
a minor hassle for management, but a big deal for some in the meat packing industry.

A coalition of meat and poultry groups hoped the farm bill would delay the labeling requirements, saying it's costing their industry money.

But local cattle farmer Stan Grantham believes that would give big meat companies an unfair advantage, and says total implementation is what's best for consumers who want to know where their meat is coming from.

"I think it would be good,  think it would be good," Grantham said.

Shoppers at Bank's Market agree.

"Needs to be done," shopper Joy Cope said.

"At least I know where it's coming from now," shopper Kimberlee Willis said.

Bank's Market Meat Manager Stan Grantham admits most customers didn't notice the changes, but if they want to know the country of origin, the information is there.

"From birth to your table, you know," Grantham said.

If the farm bill passes, it'll likely stay that way.

The coalition of meat and poultry groups said they will now work against the bill. The labeling regulations do not apply to processed meats.