Fight for Kyrra


Reporter - Briana Conner
Photographer - Randall Barnes

MCCRACKEN COUNTY, Ky. - Five-year-old Kyrra lives in McCracken County, but for the past month she's been spending five days a week in Nashville for radiation treatment. She has a rare and aggressive kind of brain cancer that's inoperable. Her family is leaning on each other and looking to the community to help Kyrra beat a disease with a survival rate of less than ten percent.    

At first glance, Kyrra looks just like any other little girl you may know. "She loves Barbie, princesses, and anything pink and glittery," said her step-grandmother Stacy Stubblefield. In reality, the five-year-old is being forced to grow up fast. "She gets emotional. Her hair started falling out today," said her mother Renikka Berry.

Berry has been back and forth to Nashville for the past four weeks. "It's hard," she said, but they are fighting together. "That's how she understands it. There's a monster in her head, and they're trying to make it smaller so she can get better," said Berry.

Kyrra is getting better right now. Her mom said, "She's smiling more," but doctors predict the radiation will eventually stop working. It's news strong enough to knock the breath out of her step-grandmother's body. Stubblefield said, "I couldn't imagine with my child... to know that I only had a year left with them. It's hard."

Kyrra's diagnosis shows a weak survival rate, but it's in the face of faith that's still strong. "You want to hope that Kyrra will be the first one to survive. That's what we pray," said Stubblefield. One prayer answered comes in the form of donations from a community helping Kyrra fight. Berry said,  "It's overwhelming."

Stubblefield came up with the idea to start an online fund raising campaign, because Kyrra doesn't have health insurance. She said they're extremely grateful for the amount they've received so far, but their goal is $10,000 to help with medical costs and trips to and from Nashville.