Five year anniversary brings hope for drowning victim's families


Reporter: Mychaela Bruner
Photographer: Jason Thomason

MARSHALL COUNTY, Ky—Today marks five years since four teenage boys left on a hunting trip and never returned home.  In January of 2009 McKenzie Stanley, Jacob Scott and Trevor Williams drowned when their boat capsized on Kentucky Lake while duck hunting. The fourth teenager Tyler Heathcott was the only survivor.

Many family members said even though time has passed, they miss the boys more everyday.

"They were funny, they were hilarious, I probably wouldn't have a personality today and no sense of humor if it wasn't for him," said Haley Williams.

Williams struggles to talk about her brother and his friends in past tense.

"He was my role model and my best friend, all at the same time," said Williams.

It was on Kentucky Lake, five years ago today when Williams'  brother Trevor and his friend's boat capsized.  A duck hunting trip with three friends resulted in heartbreak for family and loved ones.

"They were doing what they loved, and that's the best way to die, is doing something you love. I do find peace knowing they are not in there anymore, that we did find them and that we got our closure," said Williams.

Williams said getting closure and her daughter, Karsyn, are what get her through each day.

"I see so much of my brother in her everyday. I love it and that's something that keeps me going," said Williams.

Moments that keep her going and memories she will hold dear to her heart.

"They are probably having so much fun in heaven right now it's ridiculous and I'll see them again one day, until then i feel them all the time," said Williams.

For Williams, it is not a goodbye, it is a see you later.

David and Lori Scott, parents of Jacob Scott said they miss their son and his friends more everyday.  In a statement through Facebook they said, "God bless all of the rescue workers who put their lives on the line daily for searches so families can have closure. They hold a special place in our hearts."