KY GOP lawmakers aim to limit executive action power


Web Editor - Nick Miller

FRANKFORT, Ky. - Kentucky Governor Steve Beshear was a guest of the President as last night's State of the Union, thanks to his executive action to create the state's health exchange, 'kynect'.

Some GOP lawmakers are aiming to strip that power away from him. Kentucky Senate Republicans are pushing the ideas as their top priority, and it passed a Senate committee on Wednesday.

Republicans are saying with the legislature out of Frankfort for nine months a year, the Governor has too much power to make decisions on his own.

"I believe the legislature should be strong. It's the body that is closest to the people," said Republican Sen. Robert Stivers.

"I think it's important that give the executive some flexibility, on the ground, on a day to day basis, to make some judgments," said Democratic Sen. Gerald Neal.

Democratic House Speaker Greg Stumbo says he's open to the Republican's idea, but he also said it will face changes if it gets to his chamber.