Group aims to help homeless by cleaning cars


Reporter - Robert Bradfield
Photojournalist - Randall Barnes


PADUCAH — Amid the shouts and honks, Michele Thomas paces Park Avenue with a mission.



"Our dream is to have a full fledge shelter," she said.

Thomas wants to clean-up Paducah's homeless population, by watering down your car.

"Most people think of the homeless, they think of the chronic homeless with brown paper bag that's on the street. That's not the face of homeless today," she said.

Thomas is the organizer of Tent City Missions - a team of volunteers - who want to build a permanent place where homeless people can go to live and learn life's basics skills.

Rick Harriford's suv got a rinse. A friend of his lived in Tent City for a couple years until his death earlier this year. Harriford said Tent City Missions gave his friend a second chance at life so he stopped by to pay it forward.

"They helped him quite a bit. They provided a place and an opportunity for him to take care of and he actually got a job and he was doing pretty good for himself," Harriford said.

And these car washes are paying off. The Mission plans to put a bid on a building Monday. Thomas said it will be the first kind of facility in McCracken County.

"We do have some here that do really good things as far as getting people housed, but I don't think anybody has the resources right now to continue care - case management kind of," Thomas said.