Historic Navy ship runs aground in Lake Barkley


Reporter - Robert Bradfield
Photojournalist - Jason Thomason


LYON COUNTY, Ky. - The USS LST 325 is a Navy ship commissioned in World War II. It is now decommissioned and used primarily for public tours. It was heading back from Nashville, Tennessee to it's home base in Evansville, Indiana when it ran aground Monday afternoon. The Coast Guard says this is the first time a navy ship hit a snag in western Kentucky.

"It's not common for any vessel of this type to be operating in our area," Navy Lt. Dan McQuate said.

The Coast Guard wouldn't comment on how the LST 325 managed to get off course, but the ship is sitting outside the main channel. Coast Guard Lt. Dan McQuate said he's waiting on a salvage plan, which could take a few days. "We're not going to dictate how they get the vessel off. We're going to review the salvage plan and just ensure that whatever they're doing can be done safely," he said.

The unexpected stop is catching the attention of a few locals. Dan Howell visited the Buzzard Rock Resort and Marina to take a look at a piece of history. "I was in the Navy and last ship I was on was a tug that pulled ships off, so kind of used to this," Howell said.

The Coast Guard is also focusing their attention on leaking fuel. Lt. McQuate said there is a small sheen coming from the ship. "Depending on what they see, the next couple of hours, we'll determine if we stay on scene through the night or come back in the morning," Lt. McQuate said.