Holiday weekend brings more boaters to the lake


Reporter: Mychaela Bruner
Photographer: Justin Jones

MARSHALL COUNTY, Ky—The Kentucky Lake is the place to be this Fourth of July weekend. Boaters from surrounding states spent the weekend on the water with friends and family.

Deputy Sheriff Jason Ivey said, "This weekend there's probably four times as many boats that are out here than a normal weekend... I'm actually seeing more boats already this morning at 9:30."

Ivey said with the large amount of boaters out on the water, safety is his main concern. "The first and foremost thing that I could tell anyone if their going to be out here on the water is wear a life jacket. They do not work, if you don't wear them," said Ivey.

On his daily water routes, Ivey patrols to make sure boaters are following the rules. Ivey said he makes sure boaters have the required equipment including a fire extinguisher, throwable device and life jackets for everyone on board."

Ivey said most boaters so far have been following the rules this summer. Allison Brewster and her sister Hannah go out on the lake four or five times a summer. Brewster said they always follow the rules to make sure everyone comes home safe. "Life jackets and making sure that if there is going to be any drinking that your driver is not drinking and following the buoys for low levels of water," said Brewster.

For boaters and patrols, the lake is the place that brings everyone together. Ivey said, "Most of the time, the days out here are pretty smooth."

Ivey said marine patrol has seen less accidents this year on the water. As a final reminder, he said there should be a life jacket for every person in the boat and children under 12 years old are required to wear a life jacket all the time.