Two people charged after Fulton County, Kentucky standoff


Reporter - Briana Conner
Photographer - Barry Stevenson
Photographer - Chad Darnall
Web Editor - Mason Stevenson

FULTON COUNTY, Ky. - The second person arrested after Monday's standoff in Fulton County allegedly helped the man running from police.

Kentucky State Police say 22-year-old Joshua White barricaded himself in his girlfriend's Vernon Avenue home.  This after fleeing from police after officers pulled him over.

White was in the duplex with 19-year-old Kali Papierski and two small children.

Police say Papierski was in contact with White during the entire incident, helping him while he was fleeing police.  They say that's why she faces charges.

She is charged with hindering apprehension and two counts of endangering the welfare of a minor.  She was lodged in the Fulton County Detention Center.

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FULTON COUNTY, Ky. - New details have surfaced about the hostage situation in Fulton County.

WPSD Local 6 learned Monday evening what charges the man involved in the standoff faces, and a second person also faces charges.

On Monday, Kentucky State Police say 22-year-old Joshua White sped away as troopers prepared arrest him for a failure to appear bench warrant.  After a two-and-half mile pursuit, investigators say he shot at a trooper while running into a housing complex.

It took two-and-a-half hours before White released three hostages, 19-year-old Kali Papierski and two small children, who are six months and two years old.  About an hour later, state troopers arrested White.

He faces multiple charges including fleeing and evading police and other charges like attempted murder of a police officer, are pending.

Investigators also arrested Papierski.  They charged her with hindering apprehension and two counts of endangering the welfare of a minor.  Police say the charges stem from the help she provided to White while he fled.

Both are in the Fulton County Detention Center.

All residents of the housing complex returned to their homes later in the day.

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FULTON COUNTY, Ky.- A neighborhood is still in shock after a hostage situation forces people out of their homes and into the cold fearing for their safety. Gloria Taylor lives close by and said, "My daughter came in and said, 'Mom, someone is out there shooting.' We didn't know exactly where they was out there, but we heard the gun shots." She says those gun shots were the reason she and her neighbors had to leave their homes for hours Monday afternoon.

Kentucky State Police say it all started with a routine traffic stop that spiraled out of control. The man they pulled over, Josh White, sped off once he realized he was going to be arrested because of a warrant. The situation quickly escalated once he barricaded himself inside an apartment with a woman and two small kids. Family members and neighbors nervously watched on for hours fearing for the worst.

"I was kind of afraid that he was gonna kill her," said the woman's cousin Tyler Papierski. All he, other family members, and neighbors could do was watch and wait. Taylor said, "It's been dreadful. I have grand kids that live there, and I had been seeing on the news where people was getting shot. I was like man, is it gonna be my grand kids today?" She and other neighbors waited in a nearby church parking lot while KSP negotiated with White. Trooper Jay Thomas said, "It's a standoff with him. We're waiting him out. We're not here to harm anybody."

The wait eventually paid off. White released the woman and children unharmed. "It's a good feeling to know that, you know, they ain't gonna be around him for a while," said Papierski.

Neighbors said it may also take a while for this neighborhood to feel safe again. Taylor calls Monday's turn out a blessing. She said, "I thank God for it, because you never know what's gonna happen with people. I thank God didn't nobody get hurt."

White is in custody facing a number of other, unspecified charges.