Ice dams can wreak havoc on homes


Reporter - Jason Hibbs
Photographer - Mike Spissinger

PADUCAH - With so much focus on getting snow and ice off the roads some homeowners are learning they might have even bigger problems on their roof.

So called 'ice dams' can cause thousands of dollars of damage inside homes.

Quickly yet carefully, nearly three inches of ice and snow are chipped away.

Mark Chambers of Chamber's Roofing said the snow-covered ice created an 'ice dam'. That blocked the gutters and caused ice and water to accumulate on the roof, and leak into the offices inside.

"You're talking about a lot of insulation damage, you're talking about sheetrock being replaced," Chamber said.

Ice is also heavy. Chambers said for every foot of gutter there's about ten pounds of weight bearing down.

Chambers said you may not have damage inside, but icicles behind the gutters near the eaves could be a bad sign.

If you have an older home, he recommends 'ice-proofing' your roof, so this doesn't happen to you.

Chambers said 'ice proofing' consists of applying a 'peel and stick' sheet under shingles in problem areas, and usually costs about 500 dollars per home. Many newer homes are already 'ice proof'.