Judge executive asks for repairs to be made to "dangerous" railroad


Reporter - Robert Bradfield
Photojournalist - Justin Jones

MURRAY, Ky. - The sounds can be deafening, but Mark Schaeffer is used to it.  He lives on Highway 121, just down the road from this railroad crossing in Murray.

"Some of the trucks, I mean they bounce around bad," he said.

It's the same crossing Calloway County Judge Executive Larry Elkins fought for four years to fix.  He says there are major structural problems with the railroad crossing.

"Basically said enough is enough.  Getting a call or two a week," Elkins said about the calls of frustration coming into his office.

Finally, Wednesday he got word the state and railroad owner, Kentucky West Tennessee Railway agreed to join forces to repair it.  Elkins sent letters and emails asking for the state and KWT to begin construction, but there was discussion over who owned the crossing.  Since the railroad was there first, KWT is responsible for the upkeep.

"There is no reason that these can't be repaired to a level that won't be a problem for anyone," Elkins said.

Schaeffer hopes those repairs start soon.  "Just slow down where you go over the bridge.  I mean take your time, don't hurry."

KWT and the Kentucky Transportation Cabinet are still finalizing the repair plan.  No start date has been set.