LBL closed due to power outage


Web Editor - Amanda Roberts


Operations are now up and running at the Land Between the Lakes National Recreation Area as electric, phone, and water services have been restored from the most recent winter sweep.

Only The Elk & Bison Prairie will remain closed until ice-packed road conditions improve.

There will be a continuing effort to get the roads and trails cleared of downed trees and limbs to make it safe for the public.

Anyone who visits must remain aware of their surroundings as they could still encounter hazardous hazardous trees and hanging tree limbs as well as icy patches.

Original Story:

 GOLDEN POND, Ky - The winter weather has left Land Between the Lakes National Recreation Area without electric, phone, or water.

All offices and facilities are closed as a result.

Staff will be able to assess damages and begin clean-up when power is restored.

Management is unsure of when they will be able to begin clean-up as temperatures are predicted to remain below freezing for several more days and wind may cause additional damage.

Anyone traveling through LBL should be cautious as the roads are still heavily coated with ice and downed trees are across some roads.

Any unnecessary travel is discouraged.