Mid-Continent University President donation means good news for university


Multimedia Journalist - Julie Collins
Photojournalist - David Dycus

GRAVES COUNTY, Ky. - Acting president Dr. Ken Winters says he is planning to make a contribution of his own to Mid-Continent University , and hopes that other people will match his donation. This comes after weeks of uncertainty.

It was uncovered that the university was sending improper paperwork to the Department of Education which resulted in millions of dollars not being awarded to the institution.

President Robert Imhoff stepped down and acting president Dr. Ken Winters stepped in last Saturday. Imhoff is still under contract, as is his wife Jackie, who was the vice president of adult services on campus. Both have stepped down, but by law they will still get paid and reap the benefits of their previous roles due to those contracts which run through 2015. However, the two are currently in negotiations with the Board of Trustees on what is next for them.

Classes continue to go on as normal on campus while the board and acting president work to keep the school afloat.

"I'm really encouraged by the news today and several things, so we're gonna do fine," Dr. Ken Winters said. "I can't talk in particulars about that but we have word today in fact that is so encouraging on revenue support for us that will be imminent," he added.

A donation will come from Winters himself. He did not speak of the amount of the donation, but did add if everyone in the room at this Saturday's meeting matched it, it would give them a nice cushion to work with. Winters said he was expecting additional revenue from private donors and other agencies

"Kids mean a lot to me. These are not just high school graduates, some of them are, but the bulk of them are adults that have a chance to do something now that they didn't have before," Winters said.

No official word has come down about the new paperwork sent to the Department of Education yet.