Local 6 crew caught in winter weather


Reporter - Jason Hibbs
Photojournalist - Mike Spissinger

JOHNSON COUNTY, Ill.--One Local 6 crew, like so many other drivers in our area, coped with the hand that 'mother nature' dealt them.

We always advise you to stay off the roads in conditions like these and this is why; we were only driving 30 miles per hour on the interstate when we glided off of it. Turns out we are not the only ones. Just up the road tractor trailers are also stuck.

This is a winter one young driver won't forget.

"He don't know what he's doing, it's his first year out here," fellow trucker Felton James said.

But this clearly has nothing to do with experience. Because veteran trucker Felton James is stuck too!

"I got stopped because cars stopped at top of the hill and I just started spinning. Couldn't get up the hill," James said.

The chains on his tires didn't help much.

Meanwhile the guy we called for help arrived.

Goddard's towing told Local 6 they helped at least 24 people today, and that's in the Vienna area alone.