Local agencies brace for government shutdown


Reporter - Jason Hibbs
Photojournalist - Jason Thomasson

LYON COUNTY, Ky. - Area food banks that get some federal assistance shouldn't run out of food because regionally there's a three month stockpile.

As for local military personnel and at local national parks, there's a lot of uncertainty.

Seventy seventh grade students make up the seventh year for the two-night trip to Land Between the Lakes, but these kids could be the unluckiest ones to ever take the trip.

"It's just hard to explain to children that the government has that kind of control," Paducah Middle School teacher Teresa Grubbs said.

The government has control to close L.B.L., which would send these students home early.

"This is not just our issue, this is our entire government," Grubbs said.

There's also uncertainty surrounding the Crab Orchard National Wildlife Refuge in Illinois, and at local National Guard units.

A colonel told Local 6 that he's not sure how a shutdown would impact units across the state but was told some members might be furloughed.

Back at L.B.L., the trip's theme is shifting from science to government.

"It's actually lended itself to a whole other aspect of education," Grubbs said.

The kids are learning how to be patient with the powers that be.

"We'll just have to go with the flow," Grubbs said.

It's very important to note, according to the National Guard Colonel, even with furloughs there'd be no disruption of service and the guard would remain ready to respond.

Locally, L.B.L. officials wouldn't comment but referred Local 6 to a public relations agency that has yet to answer our emails. However, L.B.L. officials told school leaders there's a chance they would have to close.

Crab Orchard would go into a so called 'soft shutdown' meaning facilities will close and access points to roads, trails, and boat ramps will be closed.

Law enforcement will continue monitoring the refuge.

As for that field trip, the teacher says students may get a chance to return to L.B.L. and makeup the time missed, sometime in November.