Local drive-in theater stays open to pay for new projector


Web Editor - Nick Miller

CALVERTY CITY, Ky. - You don't have to wait until summer to see a drive in movie.

The Calvert Drive-In in Calvert City, Kentucky has been open Tuesday through Saturday this winter.

Manager John Harrington says they have remained open to help pay for their new digital projector. He also says turnout for movies has been a little slow, but their food sales have been brisk. Harrington also said they even had one movie night where snow was falling.

"Some of them are excited about us being open," Harrington said. "Some of them say that's just too cold, but we're hoping enough people come out and keep us busy."

The movies airing this weekend are "Delivery Man", and ironically, "Frozen". The last time they were open in the winter was in 1972.