Local hardware stores better prepared this time around


Reporter: Mychaela Bruner
Photographer: Michael Bradford

PADUCAH, Ky—Four years ago, families, communities and even stores were not prepared as they should have been for the ice storm in 2009.  One local store owner said he learned his lesson and his store is better prepared this time around.

At Hank Brothers True Value Store, shelves are stocked. This morning a semi-truck delivered a ton of winter weather supplies.  Anything from electric fireplace heaters, vent free gas heaters and fire logs, the owner said he has you covered.

Hank Brothers True Value Hardware Store Owner Jim Hank said hundreds have came through his store within the past couple of days.  He said some of the most important winter weather items are gas logs, de-icers, kerosene and shovels.

Hank said he has had a difficult time keeping ice scrapers and fuel fully stocked, but this time around he believes his store is better prepared.

"We've been finding out a couple days in advance what's coming this is so different than four years ago when the ice storm hit, we were totally caught off guard. When we knew it was coming like 2 or 3 days before. We obviously thought we better get a heavier supply of ice melter, more snow shovels," said Hank.

Hank said after the 2009 ice storm, he made sure to schedule 2 or 3 semi-trucks to deliver throughout the week to keep the shelves stocked.  He said every day he has been running low on fuel and suppliers are filling the tanks about 2 times a day.

Hank said it is best to prepare for the worst.  He said buying a generator or some sort of safe, heating appliance would be beneficial in case some families do experience power outages.

Hank Brothers True Value Hardware Store is located on Wayne Sullivan Drive in Paducah, KY. To contact the store, call (270) 443-8236.  The store will be open tomorrow from 8:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.