Local organizations in desperate need of Christmas gifts


Reporter: Mychaela Bruner
Photographer: Michael Bradford

Christmas is only 15 days away and many families are facing a tough time providing gifts for their children this Christmas. That is why Local 6 and Regions Bank partnered together for the Spirit of Giving Toy Drive.

Purchasing an extra toy or two and donating it to the spirit of giving toy drive could help brighten a local child's Christmas.  A portion of the toys from the Spirit of Giving will go to the Angel Tree program.

Donations to both toy drives are behind from what they normally are this time of year.  The need is greater than it has been in the past 40 years.

Whether it is a race car or a baby doll, almost one-thousand children are waiting for Christmas gifts, but less than 10 percent of those gifts have been provided. One local mother says these empty shelves break her heart knowing her daughter may not have any presents to open Christmas morning.

Mother of one Misty Thompson said times are tough and it is her first Christmas relying on Angel Tree.

"By the time I pay my bills, it's hard to have enough money to get her anything for Christmas," said Thompson.

A thought that leaves Thompson with a broken heart.

"Elizabeth actually wished for a little girl's kitchen," said Thompson.

But Thompson does not know if her daughter's one wish for Christmas will come true this year.

"It is so sad to stand here and see all these empty tables," said Thompson.

Empty tables where toys usually sit, Lieutenant Lorraina Crawford with The Salvation Army said the need is huge this year.

"Get one of these tags off the trees and go shop for an angel. You don't have to provide the world to them, just an outfit, a coat, two or three toys would be a complete Christmas in a bag," said Crawford.

A donated Christmas bag that would light a child's world up on Christmas morning.

"They should have more than this, the kids deserve better. They don't deserve to be without," said Thompson.

A simple wish and a need that would make this Christmas a little merrier.

The deadline to donate to Angel Tree for Christmas is Monday, December 16th.  If you would like to donate, but cannot provide for an entire angel, just donate to our Spirit of Giving Toy Drive.

You may drop toys and clothes off to the Salvation Army Family store on Irvin Cobb Parkway.  Crawford said they are in desperate need of toys and clothes for children from the age of eight to 12.

For more Kentucky locations, click here to check out what organizations benefit and where to go to give your donation.