Man help stranded vehicle, struck by oncoming traffic


Web Editor - Amanda Roberts

 CHRISTIAN Co, Ky - A man tried to stop and help a stranded vehicle when he was hit by an oncoming vehicle.

Wesley Obrien, 17 was driving when he noticed a stranded motorist in the median, and pulled over to the shoulder to help the occupants.

Kim Konczal, 47 was driving northbound on the Pennyrile Parkway when she lost control of her vehicle while trying to slow down for the stopped vehicles.

Obrien was leaning into the passenger side of his vehicle when he and his vehicle were struck by Konczal's vehicle.

Obrien was forced from his vehicle onto the roadway where both vehicles finally came to rest in the median.

Both involved were wearing seatbelts and transported to Jennie Stewart Medical Center for treatment.

The Kentucky State Police are taking this opportunity to remind travelers that if you see or suspect someone is stranded, to call 911 or the Kentucky State Police at 1800-222-5555.