Marshall County Rescue Squad warns of potential scam


Reporter - Elizabeth Fields
Photojournalist - Mason Watkins

MARSHALL COUNTY, Ky.- There's someone in Marshall County who's making it his mission to raise money for emergency services, but there's one big problem, no one knows who he is or where the money is going.  

"We've heard nothing from him, don't know him, have not coordinated with him to secure funds or donations to benefit us," said Curt Curtner, Chief of Marshall County Rescue Squad.

Curtner contacted the Marshall County Sheriff's Department Thursday to start an investigation and already has a handful of households that fell for the potential scam. He said it would be easy to do.  They are very similar.

The Rescue Squad sells ads and puts them together in a catalog to give to donors at an open house they host. The fake fundraiser is asking people to buy ads to go in a children's coloring book. Curtner said even the pricing seems to be identical.

The bigger problem is not only are innocent people giving money that isn't making it to the emergency crews, now people are more reluctant to donate to their cause because they can't tell the difference. Curtner said the fundraiser provides about 90% of their money, which helps to upgrade their equipment.

"We can't respond to these if we don't have the proper safety equipment for our members and the people that we're going to help," he said.

If you have information that you think might help the investigation, Curtner said you should call the Marshall County Sheriff's Department. Since their fundraiser lasts until April 22, if you're contacted by someone from the rescue squad, he says feel free to ask them for an officer's name and number to verify. None of the members will have a problem waiting for a donation until the person feels comfortable.