Death Penalty Sought In Evrard Murder Case


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Reporter - Jason Hibbs


MCCRACKEN COUNTY, Ky--A family behind bars reacts to a new possibility; the death penalty. From behind bars a local mother learns she, her husband, and her daughter could all face the death penalty.

Investigators believe the family of three are responsible for the murder of 21-year-old CaSondra Evrard. Evrard was found dead with a deep cut in her neck and wrapped in a tarp near the defendant's home in McCracken County in December.

The victim's mother said all along that while nothing can bring her daughter back, she wants justice. She says she's not sure what to think about the possibility of the death penalty for the Taylor family, including father, mother, and daughter; Mark, Jamie, and Jasmine Taylor. Jamie's attorney tells Local 6 that Jamie broke down in tears when he told her about the possibility of the death penalty for the entire family.

Attorney Len Ogden said he explained to Jamie Taylor what the notice meant.

"She was very saddened by it," Ogden says.

The notice gives a jury the right to seek the death penalty for Jamie, her husband, and her daughter. Ogden calls that a huge turn in the case.

"Now the stakes are a lot higher, and it's because all cases are serious, whether it's 12 months in county jail or life in prison, but death is different," Ogden says.

It stems from the murder of 21-year-old CaSondra Evrard, who thought she was going to a party at the Taylor's home.

"We just thought she was going over there for cake and ice cream," Casondra's mother, Carla Cruse, says.

She told Local 6 in an interview shortly after her daughter's murder, that CaSondra and Jasmine were childhood friends but the two had been into an argument, and there was no party. According to investigators, it was really a trap.

"My daughter was just a sweet little girl, she didn't deserve this," Cruse says.

Jamie's attorney, Len Ogden tells Local 6 he plans on fighting the motion, which relies on what the law calls "aggravating circumstance." He doesn't believe the state has the legal authority to use aggravating circumstance in this case.

"The legislature has not said clearly murder is an aggravator during a kidnapping that will allow the death penalty be imposed," Ogden claims.

Ogden plans on doing all he can to eliminate the death penalty option for the Taylor family.

Ogden says he believes 21-year-old Jasmine may not be eligible for the death penalty. He says there's a provision in the law that exempts her from that.

He declined to go into detail as to what that exemption is, and referred Local 6 to Jasmine's attorney.
We reached out to Jasmine's attorney, but she was not available for comment.

The McCracken County Commonwealth Attorney's Office released the following statement;

"Based upon our familiarity with the facts of this case and our research of the law we feel that it is appropriate to let a jury consider all options including the death penalty."