McCracken Co. High School to be complete in days


Reporter - Lauren Adams
Photojournalist - David Dycus

MCCRACKEN COUNTY, Ky. -  The new McCracken County High School is nearly complete. On Wednesday, crews installed ceiling tiles and laid carpeting. In the days ahead, bleachers and lockers will be installed.

Project Manager Bill Boyd, with A&K Construction, estimates it is 96 percent done.

"We'll be turning it over to the school in the next few weeks."

Principal Michael Ceglinski admitted, "I can't wait."

He says he has gotten rave reviews, even tears from the teachers who have already visited.

"It's because now an abstract idea has become a reality," he said, adding, "Now they've got a desk and bookshelves."

Ceglinski says they are also getting what they asked for.

Take the chemistry lab for example, "They wanted a set up that had hot and cold water, gas, and electric and that's what they got."

Classrooms like those focusing on the five core subjects will be grouped together in the same area- what are being called homes. Nearby, students will find a cafeteria with a view and a top of the line performing arts center.

The school is where Billy Boyd's son will attend in the fall.

"It's pretty exciting."

"Just knowing in a couple months they'll be kids in this building is most exciting, that's why we're here," Ceglinski added.

About 1,800 students have been registered and their schedules have been made. They will get their first look inside the school next week.

Ceglinski says he would like to open the school up to the parents and the public this summer with a series of open houses.

The project, costing $56 million, came in at budget.