McCracken County housing market mirroring national market


Reporter- Elizabeth Fields
Photojournalist- Justin Jones

MCCRACKEN COUNTY, Ky.- Nationally, real estate experts are claiming the housing market is making a come-back. Locally, agents say they see a somewhat similar trend.

"McCracken County never had the huge ups, the big bubble so to speak, so we didn't have anything burst," said Suzy Gilland, President of Paducah Board of Realtors.

But they did see a slow down and now Gilland said things are picking up speed.

"The winter was busier than usual, all winter long. I've had a really good season thus far," she said. The average house is still on the market an average of 6 months, but she says the more reasonably priced and updated houses are selling faster than that.

She said more people seem to be looking at houses priced up to $175,000 so there are fewer houses in that range on the market. There are more larger houses available because there are fewer buyers looking in that more expensive price range.

 Gilland said the only thing she sees slowing them down now would be a major move from local employers.

 "It really depends on the potential or some employers that are on the verge and considering some changes and things," she said.